Nickname KP&Danai
Full name Kason Pope And Danai
Country United States
Genre Christian Hip Hop
Members 2
Official website

Christlikemuzik artist KP makes straight forward music that anyone can feel. His honest and to the point lyrics are like a powerful sermon over a hot beat. 

Born to a hard-working mother, and father who was later incarcerated, KP faced the same hardships that many underprivileged youth endure every day.  KP realized his passion for music at the age of 8. By the age of 15 KP was honing his skills in a local recording studio. As time progressed KP became a well sought after producer as he furthered his education and graduated from The School of Audio Engineering (SAE NASHVILLE).  Unfortunately, the accomplishment turned into a feeling of desperation after his graduation from SAE, and he couldn't land a job in Nashville, TN. KP was forced to work a string of dead end jobs and endure financial struggles. For years he dabbled in and out of the streets and his life began to fall apart with nowhere to turn. 

KP finally called on the name above all names Jesus Christ. Although he was baptized at 13 it wasn’t until he returned to Jesus, surrendered himself to the Lord, that KP gained peace with himself and most of all God. Since then he is now married and has 3 children. He has devoted his life to reaching the lost through his production & Gospel Rap. KP is a deacon at the Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church and he is also involved in different ministries as well. 

Christlikemuzik artist Danai’s lyrics are easy to grasp as his delivery changes allowing the listener to adapt to the beat. He uses the bible as his source for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and links his verses to the scriptures. 

Danai’s family is of African descent. His father became a Methodist Missionary while in Africa. His father then traveled to the United States for better education and opportunities. Danai was born in Nashville TN in the early 80’s. Raised with a spiritual background Danai was taught at an early age about God and living a Christian life. As he grew up he took detours that lead him into a worldly whirlwind that lead him along the thin line of the penitentiary and death.

But God’s grace returned Danai on the spiritual path that he had been guided through as a child, and through the Lord he regained his faith and belief in Jesus Christ while finding a new purpose for his life. Danai is now married and has two children. He enjoys going to church where he is a minister of the Gospel at Lake Providence Missionary Baptist Church. 

KP and Danai began their ministry as Christlikemuzik in December 2012. They stand on 2nd Corinthians 4: 1-5 as their ministry verse. They have dedicated their time, talents and gifts to God’s work and His will for their lives. They boast in the Lord as they continue to grow in faith.


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